When India’s new communication platforms arrive: A look at three of the country’s biggest initiatives

A day after launching the first batch of its new mobile-enabled apps, India’s government has rolled out a slew of new communication apps in a bid to boost its digital literacy.Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet in December last year, the apps were developed by a group of entrepreneurs and developers from different sectors.The […]

How games are changing the way Australians play the digital world

As Australia’s economy recovers, many of the country’s most-loved brands are also experiencing a renaissance in their home market.Here are 10 of the most noteworthy new games that have arrived in Australia in the past year.New games to look out for in 2016: As reported by the Australian Financial Reviews , we have now seen […]

The new ideal tools for the tech industry

New ideal tools are coming to the new ideal tech companies, as part of the company’s ongoing redesign, according to a report from Business Insider.These tools are designed to make the new companies easier to work with, and help them grow faster, as well as helping them scale.The tools are intended to help new tech […]

The Lad: The New AdWords Tools

What do you need to get started?You’ve seen some of the new tools and apps that have been added to AdWords recently, but what are the most interesting new features?Here’s what you need in order to start using them.1.AdWords Toolbox The AdWords toolbox is a great place to start if you’re new to Adwords.Here’s how […]

How to create a perfect image for a photo by combining your own photos and Instagram content

With Instagram and Snapchat becoming the go-to social media platforms for the masses, there’s now an easy way to combine your own images and content on the app.The tool is called Collaborative.It comes with some cool tools to help you create beautiful photos, like a “paintbrush” tool to apply color to your photos, as well […]

How to make your new players look good with new angle tools

There are new tools available for making players look better with new angles.The new angle feature was developed by the Italian Football Association, as a tool to help the clubs better manage their image.It was initially only available to the top tier clubs.Now it is available to all clubs, including those who haven’t signed a […]

How to get new apps and services working together in the browser

A new collaboration tool lets you quickly work with apps on other devices using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.New collaboration tools are available for free from Google’s Developer Center.The new tools will be available on the Chrome browser for Android, iOS and Windows 10.Google says the new tools work best with the Chrome web […]

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