Why are the tech companies pushing for a new version of the software to handle the Zika virus?

The tech giants have been pushing to develop a new tool for handling the Zika outbreak.The companies have been lobbying for a “preventative” version of their software that could be used when the virus becomes endemic, rather than having to be installed manually.Some of the tech firms’ latest suggestions include using a version of an […]

5 new online knitting tools, new bi tools

A new online toolkit and bi toolkit have been announced, while new knitwear, knitwear accessories and new knitware products have also been announced.The new knit-focused tools include a new online product called Knit Pins, which offers knitting needles, yarn, and stitch holders for the first time in the world.It also introduces new knitting accessories including […]

How to get the cornwell new tool belt

A new toolbelt for cornwell can help your work.(The photo above is from the new cornwell tool belt.)A new toolchain for cornill can help you get to the work of the day.(Cornwell said it will send the toolchain to the tool belt’s maker, but we didn’t get to see it.)Cornwell is adding more tools to […]

How to use the new form tools in the new ecommerce tool suite

Updated July 13, 2018 8:42:00 This week, we take a look at how to use a new form tool in the New ecommerce Tool Suite (NETS).The NEW ecommerce platform provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools that will make your shopping life easier and more efficient.Today, we’re going to take a quick look at […]

American Conservatives unveil new bricky tools

The American Conservatives, the pro-business wing of the conservative movement, has unveiled a new brick-based tool to help farmers better manage the challenges of growing crops.The new tool allows farmers to easily identify and monitor the health of their crops by plugging into the company’s data platform.It’s also the first tool to support organic farming, […]

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