How to use the new power tools

New power tools will be available for free through a new online tool that’s now available in more than a dozen cities and states.The tools, available through the Washington Post and elsewhere, include tools for installing and controlling new home appliances, installing solar panels, replacing a water heater, installing windows, and more.New Home Appliance Manager, […]

Why does this crop need to be planted now?

In the midst of an unprecedented drought, many farmers are struggling to survive in a world where food production is limited.The world has been struggling to get food to its poorest people and the food crisis has left many hungry and desperate.New technologies are coming online, but many farmers in China are struggling with the […]

How to find new tracks to watch on Spotify

The new features on Spotify are making it easier to discover new music.In its new music player, Spotify has integrated a search bar for finding new tracks and curated playlists.Users can also filter the playlist by genre or artist.It also includes new features like “favorite tracks,” which shows which songs you have listened to the […] gives new song tool a thumbs up

Mashable is giving new song tools a thumbs-up, according to a new poll.Mashable asked the internet community to vote on new song editor tool, which is similar to the one previously used by Spotify.The poll showed that people loved the new tools, with over 100 votes.In the poll, Mashable found that more than 75 percent […]

How to Build a Bike-Proof Kitchen With Knives, Scissors, and Metal | New York magazine

Posted November 11, 2018 07:06:54 In the coming months, you’ll likely see a lot of the bike-proof tools you’ve been waiting for.You’ll likely also see a whole lot more of them, like a new set of knipexes that use metal and stainless steel to prevent corrosion.But the real surprise is the one you may not […]

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