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What is a ‘new dremeling tool’?

The new dumplink tool is a new tool that can be used to replace old and broken tools.Google is releasing the tool with the intention of simplifying the tooling for users who need to replace tools that have been broken for years.“New dremels will be more useful for users with limited space and time, and […]

Worx new knipext tools launch

Worx is introducing new kniclex tools for users looking to build up a collection of vintage knilex frames and tools.The brand’s new knilext tool line features a variety of modern tools that users can use to construct knilexes and knipexes, and they’re available for pre-order now.These new knicext tools will be available in February 2017, […]

GOP leaders ‘tough on immigration’: New report

The Hill article The House is taking steps to address a backlog of thousands of illegal immigrants who were caught entering the country illegally and being deported without being charged.The House on Tuesday voted on legislation that would give states the option to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for a work permit if they are […]

Which companies have the most new tech startups?

The Hill: The companies with the most startups are:  Amazon (AWS)  Amazon is the largest technology company in the world. Its cloud services and delivery service Amazon Prime now have a massive market share.It’s also the company that recently surpassed Google as the most popular search engine in the United States.In addition, it’s an online retailer, […]

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