How to create a perfect image for a photo by combining your own photos and Instagram content

With Instagram and Snapchat becoming the go-to social media platforms for the masses, there’s now an easy way to combine your own images and content on the app.

The tool is called Collaborative.

It comes with some cool tools to help you create beautiful photos, like a “paintbrush” tool to apply color to your photos, as well as a “filter tool” that lets you adjust the color of your image and change its brightness.

“This is a very simple tool to create your own custom Instagram photos that you can upload and share on Instagram and get a great image with it,” said Darrin McLean, cofounder of, a company that creates creative tools for artists.

“It’s very easy to use and very simple to create beautiful Instagram photos.”

As a quick refresher, a photo is an image you upload to Instagram.

It has an id, a caption, a timestamp, a name, a date and a location.

It’s a simple image that you take, add to your album, tag, and tag it as your own.

A collage is an array of images that can be grouped together and shared by tags, like this one that’s been shared more than 100,000 times on Instagram.

In a collage, a tag can include multiple images, like the one below.

The tag can also be a simple caption, like in this one, which explains why the photo is so beautiful.

A hashtag is a way to tag your photos that tell other people who you are.

It helps you find other people sharing your photos.

A hashtag is usually used on photos that were tagged with someone else’s name, such as this one on Instagram by the caption, “this was shared by a friend of mine.”

A hashtag can also include an image, like here.

A collage on Instagram that’s shared by someone else.

You can also share your photos as a slideshow, as a blog post, or in a collab with other people.

Collaborative allows you to combine photos and videos.

It can include a video of your photos and a photo of a collaged photo.

For instance, you can combine the images of your wedding photos with those of your birthday.

Or, you could combine a collagist’s photos with photos from his Instagram, using a hashtag like this: “wedding collage collage.”

Collaboration lets you create a collaging image that is tagged with the hashtag and caption “This was shared” and tag the collage as your personal Instagram collage.

Collab is also a great way to share photos with your friends.

If you’re friends are sharing your photo and want to add a tag to it, you just need to tag the photos, and the tag will appear in their albums.

Collab lets you share the collagists photos with them too, as long as they’re not tagged with your name.

You could also combine collagistic photos with a colladge photo of the same subject, as in this collage that’s sharing with a friend.

If you’re sharing a photo that you’ve been tagged with a hashtag, such a hashtag tag will be applied to the image.

You don’t need to create an Instagram account to use Collaborative, and you can use it for your own use, as you can in the photo collage above.

But the tool is only available for iOS.

The first thing you’ll notice when you use Collaborate is that it comes with a bunch of useful tools.

The paintbrush tool lets you apply color, but it’s only for painting photos and doesn’t work well for images that are cropped, as collages tend to be.

If your photos are cropped to fit your screen, you’ll need to paint with a different brush.

The filter tool lets us control how we filter our photos, such that the images look better and are more beautiful when filtered out.

We can adjust the brightness of the filter, the size, and even the color.

The “filter” tool lets our filters change how we blend our photos.

You get to control how much blur you want in your filters, which you can do from the “blur” tab on the “Filter” tab.

You can change the amount of light you want to give your filters.

And the “brightness” setting lets you control the brightness level of the filters.

You’re also able to select a filter, like that above.

This is a “blurred” filter, which means that you’ll only see the edges of your photo.

You also get to choose the color and highlight of your filter.

The blur filter lets us blend the image in the same way as the “filtered” filter.

You get to select the “shade” and “white” of your filters as well.

And you can change what happens when your filter changes colors.

The filter will be white, or blue, or green, depending on the settings

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