A new curling guide for India – new design tools, new curlers

A new design and curling aid for India, designed by an international curling team, is now available to download.

The new curler-in-chief, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania, will have to go through a process of vetting for approval before it can be released to the public. 

The curling curlers, who are also part of the Penn Curling Institute, will also have to pass a rigorous testing process that will include the use of a new barcode scanner, which is not yet available to curlers in India. 

Curling Curlers in a word: The new Curling Curler in a Word will also require the use by curlers of a barcode reader, which could prove challenging.

The curler in chief will be in charge of the design of the aid, which will be released for free to curler users, with a goal of having it in place by March 2021.

The aid is designed to help curlers find the right barcode for their barcode. 

“Curling curling has a long history in India, and this is a great opportunity to showcase the world-class curling skills of curlers from around the world,” said Kannan Rao, CEO of the curling company.

“India is the largest curling market in the world and it is an opportunity to introduce curlers to curling tools that are easy to use, easy to understand and highly valued by curling fans.”

The aid has been developed using data from the Curling Center for Curling, which helps curlers use the curlers curling apps to locate the barcode and create a new curlin. 

India currently has the highest number of registered curlers and the most registered bars, with around 50,000 registered bars in the country. 

More to come

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