How to get rid of your makeup brush and mask from your phone

NEW YORK — The latest tech gadgets are the stuff of legends, but they’re also becoming more and more commonplace.

So what happens when you throw your phone out the window, and the old one goes into storage?

That’s what happened to this guy in Pennsylvania.

According to CBS affiliate WCBS, Matt Jones, 53, lost his iPhone 6 Plus, and was searching for a replacement.

He took to Craigslist to find one, and posted a listing for a new phone that he’d bought a couple months ago.

Jones said he bought the iPhone 6S Plus with a “great price,” but it didn’t last long.

He was able to find a replacement for $400.

The new phone was $5,000 more than he paid, and it was also a little cheaper.

Jones paid $1,200 for the new phone, but it was more than twice the original price, and he didn’t think it would last long at all.

He had to pay for a $1.6 million credit card to pay off the new one.

But, Jones said, he doesn’t think he would ever sell the phone again.

The original phone was sold for $5.2 million in June, but Jones said the $5 million was more of a “bargain” than anything.

“I’m happy to see a company that’s willing to do the work,” he said.

“But I’m just glad that I got a nice phone for my daughter.”

Jones has since sold his iPhone 5S and has replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy S7.

The price of the iPhone 5s is $800,000.

The price of an iPhone 5 is $9,999, according to Apple.

That means if Jones paid that much, he’d need to pay $12,000 in credit card interest.

But Apple doesn’t charge a fee for Apple Pay or the Samsung Galaxy Pay service.

So Jones paid less than that.

But that doesn’t mean the phone is worth less than the $400 he paid.

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