Why does this crop need to be planted now?

In the midst of an unprecedented drought, many farmers are struggling to survive in a world where food production is limited.

The world has been struggling to get food to its poorest people and the food crisis has left many hungry and desperate.

New technologies are coming online, but many farmers in China are struggling with the new technologies.

A new crop of rice, for instance, was being planted in China.

The drought is hitting China hard.

The country’s agriculture ministry estimates that 1.7 million hectares of rice will be lost in the next three months.

The rice is a key ingredient in the country’s popular soup and noodle dishes, and is a staple for many Chinese.

The government has been pushing the rice for years.

In 2015, it announced plans to produce 50 million tons of rice by 2020.

Last year, the government announced a new goal to produce 100 million tons.

China’s agriculture minister said the new rice was important to the country.

He said it was vital to feed the people of the country, especially in the drought-hit southern provinces.

China has one of the highest per capita rice consumption in the world, and its government has pushed for rice production to increase by about 70 percent.

So far, there have been no problems with rice being planted.

It is not clear whether the rice will make a difference to China’s rice production, or whether the new crop will affect the country more than it has already.

But it will be a new crop, which many people are trying to prepare for.

Many Chinese people, especially farmers, have been farming rice for centuries, and rice is an important part of their diet.

The new crop has been developed by a company called the China Rice Technology Corporation.

It will be planted in the southern province of Jiangsu in July.

The company has also created a new online tool called CRIOWE.CRIOWe is an online tool designed to help farmers and growers in China prepare for planting rice in their fields.

CRIOWS technology is based on the technology developed by the company called Kirlia Rice.

Kirlias technology has been widely used in China’s grain production for the past 40 years, but it is the new technology that has caught the public’s interest.

It allows farmers to plant rice on their own land, rather than relying on a company.

The technology also has many advantages.

Farmers can plant rice much more quickly than it would take a company to harvest the rice.

They can plant the rice right in the field without any prior planning or planting.

They don’t have to pay extra for the technology.

And farmers can plant much more rice on a small area, so they can harvest rice much faster.

Criows technology also doesn’t require a lot of land to plant the crop.

It can be planted anywhere that rice is growing in the region.

Crib irrigation is another way to help growers.

Crop irrigation is a method of planting rice to help rice grow faster.

It means that farmers can use a small amount of water from the river to water the rice, which will make the rice grow much faster and help rice reach the right size.

Crows technology can help growers control pests, which is a big problem in China today.

Farmers in China have to deal with pests like the aphids, the grasshoppers, and the aphid-eating mites.

Crippling pests like these will kill crops, and this is why the Chinese government has created a plan to deal both with pests and to prevent the pest population from spreading to other crops.

Crip irrigation can also help with the pest problem because the rice that is being planted will be able to tolerate the pests better than conventional rice.

There are many other advantages of CRIWS technology, which the company said was being developed by an unnamed Chinese company.

For example, rice growers can grow more rice in a year, which helps them increase the yield of the rice in the future.

The farmer can also save money by using CRIWes technology for less.

CrioWes rice is used in rice dishes and soups.

This rice technology also helps farmers to control weeds and pests like aphids.

It also makes the rice much easier to harvest.

CiroWes also helps with pest control.

Criswes rice has been in use in China for about a century, but now it is being brought into the modern era.

CrizWes is a rice-like product that can be used to help improve rice yields.

It has been used in the fields of China’s southern province for several years, and now CriWes has been released for the market.

The CRIWs rice-making process is similar to how farmers grow rice in Japan, which has been a major rice producer for the last few decades.

Ciros rice, however, is a different technology.

It uses rice grains that are grown differently from the way they are grown in Japan.

Rice is planted using a horizontal

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