New tools, new bauer products

NEW YORK — The National Binder Co., a division of the Binder Group, on Monday announced that it has added a new product to its line of digital books: the new digital binder.

The product, called the Digital Binder, is a digital version of the traditional paper binder that will allow customers to easily store digital documents and make them available online.

“The Digital Binders are designed to make it easier for customers to store digital information and access them anywhere, anytime,” said Chris B. Bacher, president and chief executive officer of National Binders.

“Digital documents can be easily accessed from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.”

Digital Bounds The new product will be available in a number of ways, including online and in physical bookstores and online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

It will be sold at select retailers in the U.S. and at participating online bookstores, such as and Barnes & Noble.

The company is also developing a digital bibliography that will be distributed to retailers and online booksellers.

“This product is an important addition to our digital offerings, as we continue to innovate and bring new and exciting ways for our customers to access digital content,” said Paul J. Fuchs, chairman and CEO of National Lending, the company that owns National Bases.

“We are also expanding our digital offering in a variety of ways and will continue to add new digital products.”

The digital binders are available for purchase through National Bakers, a new digital-focused baking company.

The new binder is available now for preorder through National Lenders at a suggested retail price of $29.95, with an option to pay less.

A print version will be made available to customers in April.

The National Lender is a subsidiary of, which was founded by Mark R. Baker, a veteran of the publishing industry who previously served as the chief executive of National Distribution.

The digital edition of the National Bibliography will be published in digital format by National Bakeshop.

National Baking is also planning to launch a digital distribution platform called NABIS for its baked goods.

Bakers also is developing an online Bibliography, which will be accessible through NABiS, which is available on and in brick- and-mortars.

National Lends is expanding its digital offerings by acquiring National Benders in January.

B.C. Beer Co. and the Canadian National Beer Association announced in April that they would launch an online version of their own online Binder for sale through the B.E.A. and National Baker’s online stores.

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