New tools to aid wetbar developers

Drybar, a startup with the goal of making wetbar code easier to read and debug, has launched a new tool that allows developers to quickly and easily build their own plug-in tools. 

The new drybar plug-ins allow developers to create a number of plug-introspection libraries, including a debug library for a simple-yet-powerful API.

The plug-incubator, as it’s called, will work with the drybar SDK, allowing developers to build their plug-invariant APIs directly on top of the codebase.

The tool has been around for a couple of months now, but this is the first time it’s been available to developers.

The developer tools are available now for both Windows and MacOS. 

Drybar said that it will provide an SDK for Windows and Linux developers in the future.

The company is currently focusing on Windows. 

In addition to providing an SDK, Drybar is also looking to help developers with the development of the tool itself.

The SDK will be available on GitHub. 

A number of features, such as a custom-made command-line tool to manage the plug-indicators, have already been added, but the developer tool itself will have to be a standalone app, which will likely require a few additional features.

Drybar has also promised a number new features in the coming weeks, including an API for easy integration of wetbar into other open source projects. 

It’s not yet clear how many plug-init support plugins Drybar will support, or whether or not they will require developers to install an additional plug-interactive tool to get the full functionality. 

As of this writing, Drybars code is not yet open source. 


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