When you need a new roof, knipex is here to help

Knipex will now be able to install new roof systems in the next few weeks, following on from the release of a new suite of new products.

The company announced on Monday that it had just announced the launch of a suite of knipexes that it said will allow customers to install more than 10,000 new roofs on their properties.

Knipex, which has more than 1,300 stores across Australia, was acquired by ANZ in July 2016 and has been working on new roof products.

In an interview with News.au, Mr Williams said the new knipexs are a “game changer” and a key to improving efficiency and energy efficiency.

“Knipexes will allow us to go to a higher efficiency and lower cost and get to the point where it’s competitive with existing technologies,” he said.

Mr Williams said he had seen the increased efficiency of the new products come from a combination of technology advancements and improved installation processes.

“We’ve gone from a two-man team in the back of the store to having a team in one of the stores,” he explained.

“It’s a game changer in terms of our ability to get the products to customers in a timely manner.”

Mr Williams also said the increased energy efficiency will make it easier for customers to get into and out of the house and to move the items around.

He said he hoped the increased speed of installation and the “increased energy efficiency” would help ease the transition for customers.

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