Free-to-play games could go free soon, new game mechanics says publisher

IGN’s latest article Free-To-Play Games are set to get a little free-to go in the near future, according to new comments made by IGN’s Rich Hagon.

The publisher says it has a new system in the works for Free-TO-Play games which it believes will be released next month.

The IGN team is working on the free-TO game mechanics for upcoming titles like Fallout: New Vegas and Doom.

It says the new mechanics will be free-play, and not be locked down to a certain price.

“We’re starting to see more and more Free- TO-PLAY games that are not locked down by a publisher.

We’re going to see games like Fallout 4 that will be playable for free, because the player will be able to play with their friends for free,” Hagon told the company’s forums.

You can watch the full forum post below.

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