Why are the tech companies pushing for a new version of the software to handle the Zika virus?

The tech giants have been pushing to develop a new tool for handling the Zika outbreak.

The companies have been lobbying for a “preventative” version of their software that could be used when the virus becomes endemic, rather than having to be installed manually.

Some of the tech firms’ latest suggestions include using a version of an existing tool called Prey, which is designed to be used during the Zika pandemic to block infected people from leaving the area.

There are several ways in which the technology could work, according to experts, including by blocking infected people who are already in the area from getting back into the area and preventing the virus from spreading.

It would also be possible to block a specific region of the country, as happened in Brazil during the 2014 Zika pandemics.

The virus has also infected many other countries around the world.

The technology could be more effective than the current software in the event of a large-scale pandemic.

It could be deployed at the start of a pandemic, when people are still in the country and the virus is more contagious, experts said.

For example, the technology can be used to monitor the population during a pandemic to prevent people from returning to the country where they live, said Eric Schmidt, a former White House chief technology officer.

“In the event we see a major outbreak, it’s not a good idea to deploy Prey,” Schmidt told Business Insider.

“It’s very difficult to deploy a tool for that.”

Another way in which a tool could be useful would be to be able to monitor people in an area to determine if they are actively infected.

A tool like Prey could also be used for people who have not yet been infected, such as a pregnant woman who is worried about giving birth.

A similar tool, called Zoon, was developed to help monitor people who travel in areas with high transmission rates.

Schmidt also said it is possible that a tool like this could be developed that would allow health care workers to monitor their patients in a way that would be more accurate.

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