How to use the new manticore tool

A new tool in Microsoft’s Cortana for Windows 10 allows users to quickly get the latest news and information from Microsoft, and to use a mouse or keyboard to navigate through the interface.

The new feature, called Cortana for Cortana, is a beta program for Microsoft’s Windows 10 and includes several new features that are intended to simplify interactions with Cortana, including one called Cortana Now.

Users can now enter a keyword, like “CNN,” and Cortana will give a summary of the news in its native Cortana interface, which has a much smaller selection of articles to choose from.

A few examples include the word “New” in the headline of a news story, and “Mondays” and “Tuesdays” in headlines of other Cortana-enabled news items.

Users are also able to enter a topic in the Cortana Now interface, and Cortana has a list of other news topics, including sports, music, news, weather, sports scores, and more.

In addition, Cortana Now allows users, as part of a list, to tap on a specific article, to get a list with more articles, or to scroll through the article.

The feature works as a desktop shortcut for Windows users.

Users can click on the Cortana icon in the taskbar or the Start button, select Cortana, and the new feature will open in Cortana Now in Windows 10.

Users will be able to choose to either use the desktop shortcut or use the Start menu to navigate the list of articles or browse through the Cortana interface.

Cortana Now is a new feature that comes with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The feature, which launched on July 14, 2017, includes a new keyboard shortcut for Cortana that brings up the new Cortana interface and can be used to navigate to any Cortana-specific article in the News app, or use it to access Cortana Now’s search functionality.

The “New keyword” shortcut in Cortana now.

Microsoft has said that Cortana Now will not be available on the desktop until October 27.

Microsoft is working to bring Cortana to all versions of Windows 10 after the Anniversary Update, including the next major update, codenamed Lighthouse.

Microsoft said Cortana will be coming to Windows 10 devices in November and December.

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