Exercise apps will now be supported in new m10 apps

Exercise apps may be supported as a new feature in new M10 apps that will be released on November 5, 2018.

Mice are not the only animals to be updated with new fitness tools, according to the Australian National University.

Researchers from the University of Queensland, in partnership with the Australian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (ACOSS) have released the first of a series of studies on the health impacts of exercise in mammals.

The researchers conducted the studies with the goal of developing an application that would be useful for animal trainers and pet owners to use when providing training to their animals.

They found that mice and other animals are more likely to suffer from chronic exercise-related conditions, such as heart disease, respiratory problems and arthritis, than dogs and cats, but this was not the case for rats.

The application used in the study was called The Power of Exercise: a Fitness Application for Mice and Rats, which is available to download on the ACOSS website.

The team found that rodents who exercised for longer than 20 minutes had a 40 per cent increase in inflammation, and a 10 per cent decrease in insulin resistance compared with mice who exercised 20 minutes or less.

These findings are in line with research from the United Kingdom that shows that rats who exercise longer have a lower risk of heart disease than those who do not.

However, the researchers say that they did not see any changes in blood glucose or cholesterol levels when exercising for a longer time than 20-30 minutes.

The Power of Fitness: a fitness application for mice and rats.

Source: ACOSS via ACOSS videoMice and other mammals who exercise for longer time have a higher risk of chronic exercise related conditions.

Dr Rebecca McLean from the Department of Animal Science at the University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, said the findings were important, as the more exercise a mouse or other animal does, the more likely it is to have a number of chronic health problems, such for example, obesity.

“We found that a shorter exercise period is associated with a higher incidence of the following chronic diseases, which we think is due to the inflammatory response of the tissues and the metabolic changes,” Dr McLean said.

“These include inflammation, obesity and diabetes.”

Dr McLean’s team found mice that exercised for an average of 10 minutes a day had a 20 per cent higher risk for cardiovascular disease compared with those who exercised 10 minutes or fewer.

The scientists also found that rats that exercised longer had a lower incidence of heart conditions than those that exercised fewer than 10 minutes.

Dr Mclean said the data was also interesting as it showed that mice who exercise in the evening had lower levels of inflammation, which could be linked to their lower levels.

“It could be a combination of both inflammation and increased insulin resistance, which increases the risk of metabolic and inflammatory diseases,” she said.

Ms MacLean said the study suggested that there was a connection between exercise and metabolic and hormonal changes in mice.

She said that exercise could also have a beneficial effect on the development of the immune system.

“The immune system is a great immune system for mice, because it’s able to fight off parasites, viruses and other diseases,” Ms MacLean explained.

“Mice who exercise will also have more immune cells, which helps with the immune response and it’s been shown that exercise is an excellent way of boosting immunity.”

The researchers said the application they used to create the application was not new, and that it was available for free to researchers at ACOSS.

“This application was developed with ACOSS’ funding in mind and was used in research with mice and mice models of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer,” Ms McLean added.

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