What’s new in craft-tools maker tool range

Craft-tools manufacturer Z-Tool has announced the introduction of new products, new tools and an overhaul of its website.

Key points:Z-Tool’s latest product line includes a new line of toolsThe new tools include a new handle designZ-Tools says it is introducing a range of new items for the craft marketThis is not the company’s first time redesigning its website, which has been beset by downtime for the last year.

In February, Z-Tools announced it would stop making its online store after months of service cuts.

It said in a statement that “it has now been several months since we first launched our new online shop.

We have been hard at work on this redesign.””

In the meantime, we have also taken the time to review and improve our online service.”

Z-Crafting’s website has also been plagued by downtime, which saw it temporarily shut down.

In September, the company announced it was shutting down its online shop, citing “significant delays in the implementation of our new service and delivery processes”.

It said it was also “working closely with customers and our suppliers to address their concerns about our online platform”.

“In addition, we are taking steps to reduce costs by reducing the number of products available on our website,” it said.

Z-Artisan Tools has been making craft tools for the past seven years, but its website was temporarily unavailable in April, after its chief executive was fired following allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

It is one of the world’s biggest maker of hand tools, with more than 500,000 customers and a presence in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Brazil.

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