Trump, Pence take part in ‘thank you’ parade

The first face-to-face meeting between Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence was held on Thursday, and the pair were joined by the president’s former top lawyer, Marc Kasowitz.

In a short video posted on Twitter, Kasowitz and Trump discussed the administration’s efforts to undo the Obama administration’s healthcare law.

Trump said the president wanted to give him “credit” for the legislation and for the way the president is “going after the Democrats.”

The president also acknowledged his own frustrations with the media during his time as a candidate.

He said he was disappointed with what he called the “snowball effect” that had swept through the country, and he blamed the media for the “fake news” narrative that has been spreading.

Trump also talked about the new president’s approach to health care, and said the two leaders were “working together” on the legislation.

“I think we’re very close, and we’re going to be very close,” Trump said.

“We’re not going to sit here and wait for Congress to do what we want.”

Trump also said he hoped Pence would sign a health care bill that would allow him to keep his doctor while he serves in office.

The president was joined by his son Eric, who said they would sign the legislation “in the coming weeks.”

Trump added that he wanted to work with Democrats on “everything.”

“I’m going to make sure that we have as good of a relationship with the Democrats as we can,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

“So, I think we are very close.

I hope we can do that.”

The first face to face meeting between Trump and Pence was also held in the Oval Office, and Trump gave Pence a brief speech to the press.

Trump also called on Congress to pass his health care legislation, a move he says he will soon make.

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